EX4100 Disk Replacement


Running an EX4100 4x6TB Raid 0 and have just seen a Bad Disk warning for disk 1.

I have just upgraded to OS5 but I am assuming it is an actual hardware issue.

I have essential data backed up elsewhere and will backup the remainder.

If I buy a replacement 6TB drive from the compatibility list is there anything else I need to know before swapping the disk? I have searched for instructions on disk replacement without sucess.

Can I run different disk sizes or do I have to use a 6TB drive or swap all 4 (something I am considering as they are all around 4 years old.)

Thanks for any assistance or pointers to threads I have missed in my search.

See the dedicated subforum for the OS5 My Cloud EX Series.


More importantly see the OS5 User Manual (HTML) for the EX4100.

This subforum (My Cloud) generally deals with the single bay/single drive My Cloud which is also not supported by OS5.