EX4100 Dashboard Capacity Wrong

Hi all,

A few days ago I got an email notification from my EX4100 that it was over 95% full. Which I thought was odd as I knew it should have about 30% free capacity. It is 4 bay with 2TB drives installed in RAID 10 configuration, so 3.92TB usable space.

When I look logged into the dashboard, the capacity indicator with the segmented pie now shows 35.9TB free… which is impossible in a 3.92TB system. The pie is not visible as I just updated to OS5 and it is indexing. I had the problem before updating the firmware and the pie was sowing it was full of “other files” and showed no colour for the movies, photos and documents data.

When I go to the shares tab, it correctly indicates the used space of each share, I can verify this by checking the properties of each share on windows explorer, it all adds up to around 3TB, so I should have about 0.9TB free.

When I go to the storage tab, it correctly indicates capacity of 3.92TB and 4x 2TB drives all in good health.

Another strange thing on WIndows Explorer, the shares data bar is red and full, while underneath it states, 32.6TB free of 3.57TB.

I have emailed WD about it but haven’t had a reply yet. I’m currently waiting for it to finish indexing, which looks like it will take all week.

OK, it was at least useful to show there was some sort of error though, that it was counting thousands of other files that weren’t really there.

Thanks for your helpful comment. It is a problem that started in OS3 and has persisted in OS5. Is that clear?

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