EX4100 and cloud backup of Time Machine

I do Time Machine backups to my EX4100. This is one part of a “belt and suspenders” backup approach, so I’m not totally dependent on it working, but it is convenient

I see that the EX4100 supports cloud backup to Elephant and Amazon S3. It would be extra safe if my NAS backups were saved to the cloud.

I’ve seen another post saying that S3 doesn’t support backup of Time Machine, though all I’ve been able to find outside of that is a statement that it “isn’t recommended.” I can’t find anything about Elephant support for Time Machine backup one way or another.

Now, I certainly believe that any kind of cloud backup of a Time Machine image could be problematic; Time Machine does some strange and wonderful(?) things in how it stores things, and anything but a block-level copy might not work.

But just to be sure, has anyone tried this successfully? Or found something in the documentation that explicitly says yes or no for either?

Note: The instructions for setting up Elephant backup show that the example NAS has a TimeMachineBackup, but doesn’t say anything about whether it’s supported. There is a “Click to Enable Backup” button next to it.

You should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this for live assistance and troubleshooting:

To Contact WD for Technical Support