I have hooked up the ex4 and my network see’s it. I have an IP address. My problem is when I go to the settings and try to change it It locks up. I have downloaded the latest firmware. I am running windows 8.1 64 bit. I have an I7 dual core with hyper drive. Can some one help me out here?

                                              Thanks KingCow

May need some additional info.  Are you trying to change the IP address?  What locks up?

I would recommend a factory restore if you haven’t already placed a lot of stuff on there. I know that for me personally, and for many users throughout the forum this tends to solve a lot of issues that the EX4 and regular mycloud come with. I can tell you as a new EX4 user of about a month that was the first thing I did when I got the product based on my experience with the regular 4TB mycloud 

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You have loged into ex4. you go to settings and try setting a password for instance, the menue would pop-up but you could not change it. This problem is throught out all od dashboard settings.

How is this done?

What browser did you try with?

Did you try other browsers as well and see same problem?

Try disabling extensions on the browser you are using and try again to see if you can now see the edit boxes to input your information.

When you are in the dashboard, if you wanted to change any setting in there, the setting like utilities quick test, it did test but now I can’t close it down unless close the connection( Internet ) and reopen it.

I am able to get in and do things now. I switched browsers and went into private browsing and was able to do things.

Thanks for all the help and time you gave me.


Good that you have it working now.

most likely one or more of your browser extensions were interefearing with the dashboard pages, I think disabling those should make it work on your original browser as well.