EX4 Woes

OK so I have 2 problems which may or may not be related, first some background on my setup:

I have 2 EX4s on the same network one runs as our network storage and the other as a backup of that storage set to run each night.

Both EX4s are set up to have 2 volumes, each set up as RAID1

Volume 1 on NAS1 backs up to volume 1 on NAS2

Volume 2 on NAS1 backs up to volume 2 on NAS2

here are my problems:

  1. When I run my remote backups they fail stating Error Code 1400, they used to run OK but they now have issues. what does error 1400 mean and how can i resolve this.

  2. NAS1 (the primary NAS not the backup)  is connected to cloud/remote access via Relay whilst NAS 2 (the backup) is connected with port forwarding. despite both drives having all relevant ports manually set up to forward.

Any and all help appriciated.

WIth regards to issue 1, error code 1400 is not currently available in WD’s Support site. 

With regards to issue 2, what happens if you manually change the ports used by NAS1 instead of using an automatic connection?

Hi there, thanks for your response.

  1. I had looked through the support website and was unable to find the error code 1400 hense asking on here to see if someone knew what it was the code for.

  2. I have already changed the port numbers to ensure that there are no conflicts between the 2 devices. I’ve changed the ports for SSH, Remote Access, http and https to ensure they’re different from the other drive. and to allow fort forwarding.

In other news I noticed that the wdmc and wdphotodbmergerd processes were eating up loads of my CPU and Memory (despite having turned off all the media features, streaming, itunes etc)

After reading another article in the community I decided to SSH in and kill these processes and prevent them from restarting.


I also went through and deleted all the .wdmc folders on the drives.

The backup is now running and is having no problems.

So I guess I can put error 1400 down to one of 2 things.

  1. The EX4 was running out of resources and the backup falling over (ie. No RAM left) or

  2. One of the .wdmc folders contained a corrupted file which the drive was unable to copy.

If you can think of any other reasons please advise.

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