EX4 with JBOD as media server

Hi everyone,
So I was planning on buying an EX4 and using it as a media server.

The idea is that I put 2 12TB drives in a JBOD array so I can just add more drives later when they are full.

I have encountered some questions which some of you hopefully can answer:

  1. Can I add or remove drives to the JBOD array without reformatting all drives (e.g. removing one drive still lets me keep the files on the other drives)?
  2. How will the file structure look when I connect the My Cloud to my TV via LG Smart Share? Will there be a different folder for each drive or can I browse the contents of all drives in one place?

You are asking in the sub-forum for the single bay/single drive WDMYCLOUD. You should place your topic in the sub-forum for the device you are thinking about purchasing.

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