EX4 vs DX4000

Have been looking at the DX4000 16TB - with intent for home network storage and video streaming to smart tv’s.

Was waiting for DX4000 to drop in price in Canada but it hasn’t…  in meantime the EX4 is here, and i’d like to know which would better suit my purposes…

Reviewing the new EX4 16TB, it looks like the way to go…  Seemingly cheaper than the DX4000 with all the same options plus more…  I also want to remote in to copy files to / from.

Any comments???  And cheapest place to buy in Canada?  The DX4000 seems to run about $1600, and the EX4 is about $1200 ???  What am i missing, because the EX4 seems “cheaper”, certainly cost wise.

Is the EX4 missing something that the DX4000 offers?  Both come with 4 x 4TB drives, with RAID 5…


DX4000 includes Windows Server 2008 R2, where the EX4 does not.

Lots of differeces.

DX4000 runs an Atom processor - EX4, ARM.

DX4000 will backup 25 clients (full metal backup) - EX4 includes smartware pro to backup files and folders, and Time Machine support.

DX4000 runs windows as mentioned above. You can run pretty much any windows application (I use Logmein to remotely access it). EX4 runs Linux and requires apps built with a SDK.

DX4000 includes enterprise class drives. EX4 includes Red Drives.

Hope that helps. Just depends on what your end solutions and needs are.