EX4 strange behavior and drive failure

Several weeks after adding an EX4 (16tb) strange behaviors began. To wit: (1) frequent failure to complete signoff, (2) frequent failure to complete reboot, and (3) loss of network connection when attempting to access files.  WD assistance made the usual recommendations.  The only issue was that the unit would not respond to a ping when connected directly to a computer.

The unit reported all drives OK and healthy and no problems with raid (5)…  The quick diagnosis and system checks confirmed this.  However, yesterday I finally got around to running the full check and got some surprises.  Took 12 hours, even though there are (or were) only 1.7 giga bytes of files.

The unit initially reported Drive 3 smart failure and Volume 1 degraded and drive status fault.  Upon turning off the unit and restrarting, it commenced a rebuild and then reported drive failed in Bay 3 and Volume rebuild failed.

A quick check, however, indicates that the network connection problem may well be solved, although I will want to do some repeat to see if it is now totally stable.  Also, the files are now accessible on the network and I am unable to see what may have been lost.  The status light is blinking red, as is the drive 3 light.

My question is whether this behavior may indicate only a drive failure or whether the system is also in question.

I highly recommend returning the device if you still have warranty.

Symptoms you have described are experienced by many others here

and problem is poor device with poor firmware.

If I could return my ex4 and get a different brand I would.