EX4 slow file copy - 10 MB/s

Hi Guys,

since i’ve bought the ex4, the copying is very slow.
I use CAT 5 Cables for NAS and PC.
When I copy something from my PC to the NAS, i bearly reach 15 MB/s.

Both devices are on my LANCOM GS2310P+ Gigabit Switch.

To my Network Settings on the NAS:
LAN 1 Automatic
LAN 2 not connected
LAN 1 Jumbo Frame OFF
SMB v2
Remote Server OFF

CPU while Copying - 92%
RAM 51%

What i do not understand, when I go over the Deviceactivity, it says
LAN 1: 0.12 MB TX, 12.33 MB Rx
What does this mean?

ARM based NAS’s are slow by design, if you want faster get an Intel or AMD based NAS.