EX4 Port 1 failure - problem Fixed

OK so I had very slow speeds with my EX4 16tb and was seriously thinking of throwing into the nearest recycling centre… the very slow speed transfer followed by the Power supply Port 1 failure (considered by me a heap of “dogs doo-da” )

But then (you might call it a brain fart) here are the results…

  1. Changed the power adaptor (cheap as chips on eBay) - still got the RED LED :frowning:
  2. Changed the RJ45 cable - still got the RED LED :frowning:
  3. Tried 4 Second Reset - RESULT :smiley: everything is showing BLUE LED

Now getting a speed transfer of over 50MB/S approaching 70MB/S

The thing is the old power adaptor now works again, so solving the problem must be attributed to the 4 Second Reset

I hope my findings are some help for you :slight_smile:


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