EX4 on PC - Map drive at home on Apple Macbook

Hi there,

I have installed and configured a EX4 in my office. And I am working on a PC (Win10) to open projects on the EX4. So I have mapped the MyCloud to a drive, to stay in the windows file explorer while working.

I would like to continue working on those projects on my Apple Macbook pro at home, So I would like to map or add the MyCloud to finder. I have installed the WD My Cloud app, but its very inconvenient to start up a extra program to browse to the required files.

Hi there,

If you have activated SMB or AFP service on EX4, you can set auto mount on Mac OS X. So that, you can access the content of your EX4 Public folder directly through your Mac file system.

Details can be seen on link below;


I’ve been using this method for a long time and Mac automatically mounts EX4 without any problem.