EX4 not see My Book Duo in JBOD mode. Fix it!

When I connect via USB a My Book Duo (with two NTFS-discs in JBOD mode) to the EX4 - I see message “Unsupported file system” on LCD screen and in eventlog of EX4.

Similarly problem I have with USB-connection this My Book Duo (with two NTFS-discs in JBOD mode) to the WDTV of last generation. However in this case WDTV can see My Book Duo, but just with only one disc of two.

When I connection this My Book Duo reconfigured into RAID-mode to the EX4 or WDTV - I not have any problems.

WD - Why??? How it possibe, WD NAS not work with WD DAS (when DAS set in JBOD mode)???

Any firmwares in my WD-devices is last version.

WDC please, Fix it!!! I cannot work my job without this!

Sorry, but there’s nothing to fix. None of the multi-bay My Cloud products support external RAID drives. Neither will the WD TVs. They will only support single bay drives.

Bill_S, thank you for reply. Why about this is not written in the user manuals? :rage:

Most likely because the product team didn’t expect this kind of use case. It’s working for the RAID because the EX4 is seeing only one drive. In JBOD, the drives are daisy chained. So, it won’t see anything past the first drive.