EX4 noise

What it the noise level of the EX4 and EX2?

Is it too loud to place by the TV in the living room?

I haven’t seen any complaints about the noise on those units. Perhaps, some of the users can provide you some information about it.

Mine is quiet but I also use the WD Red NAS drives at only 5400 rpm and spindown pwr management.  YMMV 


I would use 4x6TB Red drives.

Would you say it is quiet enough to watch television if it were placed near the TV?

The mp4 video on the EX4 would be connected and read by my WD TV Live.

I have EX4 with just 1x4 TB WD Red Pro. 

It is quiet. It is noisy just when it write something. So I think that if you will place it near your TV it will be OK.

Shouldn’t be too loud for placing by the TV although keep in mind EX4 lacks proper fan control. The cooling fan is always on even when the disks are in standby mode. The only device in my househoold that doesn’t properly go to sleep. There is no option in the GUI to set the fan speed to off when idle, low, mid or high as with most modern NAS boxes. The power saving is a joke. You might find the unit too noisy when placed near where you sit such as by the PC monitor. I have 2 x 6TB Red spinning and had to place the box on the floor under the desk to get rid of the noise.