EX4, My Raid5 array of 3 6tb reds won't mount after I removed all 3 to format a new drive in JBOD

Hello, I have an EX4 that had an array of 3 6TB WD-Reds. I wanted to add a spare. Unknowingly, I removed all 3 drives and installed the new 6tb red and was only able to format it as JBOD. I removed the jbod disk and reinstalled my 3 reds. Now the volume will not mount.

I spoke to tech support and they said the only to fix it was to destructively re-create the array. I cannot destroy the data on the disks. The guy on support said since I did a JBOD on one drive, the EX4 is now stuck in JBOD mode. Switching it back to RAID5 would involve making a new volume. I’m about to go to a friend’s house to pick up 3 250GB WD drives in an attempt to create an array with them, and then remove them and see if my original RAID5 array is recognized. The tech sup guy said it might work or I may be boned.

Is there ANY way I can switch the NAS back to RAID5 mode without finding 3 more disks and creating an array with them?

@blackwolf42 https://community.wd.com/c/network-attached-storage