ex4 mounting

so when im home im able to mount my ex4 and acces the folders diffectly and its a wonderful thing. how ever im trying to perminantly mount it so when im out somewhere else not connected to my internet i can access it. i have been un able to figure this out. im using a mac with os x if anyone knows how to solve this i could really use the help

Check page 88 of the EX4 manual for the steps on how to do remote access. 


ive looked there. im looking to acces it dirrectly and not through the application. i know the wd my cloud has  webdav and ftp and https configurations but i honestly have no idea how access them. or what it even means.

Well, google is just a few clicks away…why not look there to find what ftp and WebDAV means. They are all methods to connect directly to your EX4. You have two options…use the WD software or use one of these direct methods to connect to your files on EX4. But for these direct methods to work, you’ll have to setup port forwarding on your router…which may not be a trivial task for someone not familiar with network configurations…but even then Google comes handy.