EX4 Loses Mapped Drive Access after Drives sleep

I have an EX4 with 4 drives and several shares. I log in to my windows 10 pc with my email address which is too long for the user name field of the EX4. So, I create a local user on my pc and the same user an password on the EX4. I map a network drive (X:) successfully to one of the shares using an alternate account in windows (the local account that matches the EX4). All is well. If I reboot, the mapping is no longer valid. I need to disconnect and remap and then I am fine.

I found an article on the WD site about enabling some services and shares on my PC for finding paths and I did all the steps exactly as shown but it did not help at all. Now, it seems that I lose the mapped connections as soon as the drives go to sleep mode.

As I use this unit for system backups overnight, I can no longer get it to work. I changed the backup locations to use the network UNC path but it still will not work once the unit has put the drives to sleep or I reboot.

I have had this unit for years and it worked all the time. I guess some changes in Windows have made the device no longer work. I hope someone has figured this out.