EX4 iOS Apps Ignore Groups

On the next update of the iOS apps, please have them correctly access shares based on Group permissions.

The MyCloud app can only see shares based on User permissions.  If you have a Family group, and several users added to the Family, when you assign the Family group permission to a share, and not explicitly add the user permission, the MyCloud app cannot see the share.

I’m not even sure WHAT’S happening in the WD Photos app.  I can see all directories.  Not only my shares, but also deleted shares, lost+found (Recycle Bin), as well as Nas_Prog.  Why would it be able to see deleted shares unless the delete routine is not actually removing the directory but only removing the shared access to it?

The app finds a few photos here in there in various folders, but when I go into the directory that I actually have my 176GB of photos dragged over from Windows, it not only doesn’t see the photos, but the directories either.


I support this, also for the equivalent MyCloud Android App as well as I have both brands to support.