EX4 how does it decide it is a safe time to update?

My EX4 updated it’s firmware overnight.

the only problem is that I was copying a lot of data to it overnight.

It SEEMS like maybe the data copy finished first…

How does the EX4 decide it is a ‘safe’ time to update?

I know I could set it to manual firmware updates, and it’s a rare day I am copying data all night, but auto updates are handy - as long as… i understand how the device itself decides that ‘now’ is a good time.

Anybody know if it actually makes a decision based on usage/activity, or if it just checks the time of day?  (Mine seemed to do it pretty much exactly at 3am.

I’m pretty certain it is not doing any sort of traffic / load balancing operation checks. 

I personally would never allow mine to update automatically, too many things can go wrong.  (What if its in the middle of a thunderstorm and you lose power to your house?)  I always download the file to my local PC and upgrade manually, that way I can be certain there will be no problems.

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of course.

Silly me for expecting some common sense in an ‘auto update’ regime.

It was at least at 3am - when all computers naturally have a sleep and never do ANY work. :wink:

I’ll have to run a full check of filecounts and stuff now.

Use goodsync if you dont have any other software

it works prety good