EX4 FW 2.41.116 Disconnects Map Drives Every Night Started 01_05_2021

I have a EX4100 FW 2.41.116.

Has worked find for almost 2 years even after a drive upgrade in June of last year.

In November of 2020 I overhauled the network this was on and setup its dual connection capabilities through both Network ports. BTW you should do this, it increased my network response time immensely)
No problems!

On January 5 we had a power outage, APC kicked in and kept EX4 up, But Internet and Network eventually went down.
After that, every night all workstation loose their ability to connect to the Mapped Drives.
EX 4100 logs show nothing, Windows logs for the workstation show nothing.
No matter what I do at the workstation level (Windows 10 Pro systems) I cannot get it to remap or reconnect or reset the Drive mapping.
Only way to fix is it reboot the EX4. Fixes it immediately on all workstations.

So, what gives…? (It reminds me of what happened when on all the old Buffalo NAS’s when Windows 10 upgraded their security to not except SMB1.1 handshakes’. Is this a certificate problem? Is this a nod to forces me to OS 5? Anyone have any ideas? I am getting tired of VPN’ing and restarting the server every morning? Also, anyone know of a way to force and automatic reboot every night?

Before anyone says just upgrade to the OS 5 (this is not an option since OS 5 does not come with WD SmartWare compatibility which is what we use exclusively to do our workstation backups.)