EX4 Firmware 2.10.302 Backup Failure

I have 3 computers all on Windows 10, all using Symantec System Recovery to backup to the EX4.  All were working until after the firmware upgrade to 2.10.302. The following is typical from SSR.

Error EC8F17B7: Cannot create recovery points for job: Drive Backup of RECOVERY (*:), NTFS_C (C:) (2).
 Error E7D1001E: Unable to read from file.
  Error EBAB03F1: Following Operating System error occurred while performing requested operation: ‘An unexpected network error occurred.’ (UMI:V-281-3215-6071)

Source: Symantec System Recovery

This failed backup was done with backup verification turned on.  With file verifcation turned off, the backup was successful. In order to verify the backup, a snapshot is taken of the volume being backed up. The error is a read error, and it occurs at the very end of the backup. I can only assume that the read failure is either a failure to read the backup image or the snapshot image.

Does anyone know if the EX4 is what actually takes the snapshot?

I would really like to roll back to the previous firmware version, but someone has already said this is not supported. I guess this means the only solution is to hope for a fix in a new release.

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I experience exactly the same problem on a My Cloud EX2 with factory drives. I only experience this problem with the My Cloud. No problems with GoFlex or other solutions. Any suggestions appreciated.