ex4 drive failed on bays 1,2,3,4

can any one help me   my ex4 was working fine a few days ago i moved house, set my network back up and turn on my ex4 now it come up with drive failed on all drives  , i removed the drives and attached to  my pc  and reformated them the Pc see the drives  now is the any way i can reformat them so the ex4 sees them  because the drives are 100% healthy  when using diagnosic software ,so i have no idea why the ex4 says they have failed

, so if you can tell me  a process to fix this problem it would be great

kind regards


Formatting them seems a pretty drastic step. I hope you didn’t have much on there you needed.  On the nas there is the util smartctl that can tell you about the status of disks.

What operating system on the computer you put them into? or what disk format did you use?

Since you have already deleted all the data, I think your best option is to put the drives back into the computer, and delete all the partitions on the disks. Then when you put them back into the NAS is should see them as blank disks ready for use.

So then go into the NAS web interface and set it up again.

  1. I am using windows 8.1  i have my files still on other hard drives  but can  dont have any nas software i think  can you provide the link, also do i use the nasware2.0 or version 3 if i can get a copy of it

any help please

Just delete all partitions on the disks under Windows 8.1 and plug the disks back into the NAS and they should be recognised as blank disks.