EX4 can't access dashbord after auto update firmware

EX4 can’t access dashbord after auto update firmware


were you using the unit with a static ip or DHCP?

If it was DHCP, you might have a different ip on the unit. if that’s the case, try accessing the unit with the name of the unit.

I have the same issue- I can get the login screen but that is it. I can ping the ex4 but not able to log into the dashboard on either chrome or ie. Waiting for downtime when i have no users to reboot the ex4 again. IT worked so well for so long… ahhhh!

Same problem here. The front of the device tells me there’s a firmware update available. The web interface (to the IP on the front of the unit) doesn’t come up, and the Android app tells me it can’t connect because I need to update the firmware.

I opened a support case 4+ days ago (Support Case Detail ([Deleted])) but haven’t heard anything yet.