EX4 apps surveillance IP camera

Hi everyone.

I need to make a choice between Qnap TS453S pro or a WD EX4.

EX4 wins on price hands down and i like WD products; however…

one of the purposes is to record IP cameras in my place only 2 or 4 cameras not a big system.

Qnap has an app fro this purpose Surveillance Station. For WD EX4 apps are rare :(( and I have read some people tried using the cameras feature for recording into a shared folder.

any one has experience on this? anyone actively recording IP cameras?


QNAP TS452S (former SS-453Pro) is Intel Celeron CPU with Quad-Core 2 GHz, EX4 is Marvell Kirkwwod Singlecore 2 GHz. Technically there is nothing that can be compared in any way.

Kirkwood CPU is old hardware, there we don’t offer any surveillance solution for this model. The CPU is not able to handle the load created by IP cameras.

Actual surveillance NAS is My Cloud DL4100with Intel Atom C2338 CPU Dual-Core 1.74 GHz, offering Milestone ARCUS Surveillance as available app to install; two camera licenses are included.