EX4 approved drives

I thought that there was a list of approved drives for the EX4, but can’t find it.

I especially need to determine if the latest Seagate 8TB drives will work.

'The drive 3.5-inch 5,900RPM SATA-3 drives feature 128MB of cache and come in two flavors; the ST8000AS0002 which doesn’t have hardware encryption, and the ST8000AS0012 “Seagate Secure” model which does. ’

From a blurb which states the prices of these Archive (storage) drives is now US$270, and become cheap enough, I believe.


I’ll save you the reading, as of now they’re not on there. :frowning:

EDIT: above link was found on this page:


Thanks for that, I will try Seagate’s pages.