Ex2ultra - replace one of two drives

Ex2Ultra - one of 2 drives shows as “Bad” however Full test is successful.
I ordered a replacement drive and now need to determine how best to replace the existing “bad” drive.
I am considering using AOMEI clone for this. I would shut down the EX2Ultra and remove the “bad” drive, attach to a windows PC via USB 3, take the new drive and attach via USB3 and run the clone process.
Then put the new drive into the NAS and power up.
Does this sound like it will work? Are there better options?

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are you using raid or just a bunch of disks ?

I always backup to an external disk if I see a bad disk light

If mirror raid you just install new disk and do a raid re-build then you can save old disk as a backup or run more tests or reformat and test again.

The SMART data from the drive can tell you a bit more

BUT a raid rebuild puts stress on a NAS so making a backup FIRST can save your data.
I use the USB Backup app.

Just two 4TB disks no Raid