EX2Ultra Media server discovery is slow, media devices slow to see it

I’m using my EX2 Ultra’s built-in Twonky media server to stream audio to several Android devices. It seems that the server is not advertising itself very effectively. When I launch the Android app on a device, it sometimes takes a long time (perhaps 5-10 minutes) for the app to detect the MYCloudEX2Ultra media server. Occasionally it will be detected in less than a minute, but this doesn’t happen very often. When it is eventually detected by the Android device, everything works pretty well and it streams ok. Anyone else have this issue, or have ideas on how to reduce the time for the app to see the media server? The EX2 is connected via ethernet to my home router/wireless access point (made by a company called 2-wire ). I get reasonably good transfer speeds from my other devices (eg. my laptop, regardless if it is using ethernet cable or wifi) to the EX2. I have other devices on my local network which have media server capability (WD TV box, Serviio media server app on my laptop, Vuze Bit Torrent client), and the android apps detect them almost instantly when I start the app. The EX2 twonky server is the one which is slow to appear. I’ve tried installing the Plex media server app on the EX2 and it is also slow to present itself to the android apps.

If I was previously playing some music from the EX2Ultra server via the app and shut the app down, the next time I start the app the previously played song (or playlist) will appear on the app’s screen. I.e. it remembers what it was playing last time. I can then play that song even though the app has still not detected the media server. The app has the song’s details (ip address & port of the server, plus whatever internal addressing the server used to identify the specific audio file) from its previous session, so it can stream from the server. This tells me that there is good communication between my app and the network and between the server and the network. The server just isn’t advertising itself as a server to devices which are scanning the network.

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Hi, this was exactly the same problem I was having when trying to setup my home network. But I figured I needed to upgrade my current home setup. So I decided to upgrade my cabling environment to CAT 7, so that if any ethernet cards that support 10/100/1000 data transfer, may benefit further from it.

But than again, your milage may vary. Other factors may determine the quality of your home network at the same time. Aside from upgrading my cabling, I did also upgrade my router and WiFi devices. But now they really paid off, I’m able to stream 4K quality movies up till to 5 devices at the same time without having any significant glitches.

And at the discovery level, any DLNA supported devices in my home network may pick-up the signal coming from my EX2Ultra easily too.

Hope that may help, happy holidays.

Hello Jeff, I am having the exact same problem as you. Also, what you describe in your second paragraph. What I have to add is that my Marantz-Reciever detects my ex2ultra right away, the slow discovery problem appears with android devices, as you said.

Anyone else having this problem? Anyone found a solution for this?