Ex2Ultra is always full after the OS 5 update

My Ex2Ultra is always full after the OS 5 update, the processor is always at 95% and the fans are almost always at their maximum.
She never even heard herself before, she is always making noise. Is there a bug?

I have noticed a high usage of RAM after updating my OS too, but my cpu usage hasn’t changed and it seems normal.

If you click on that arrow right next to ram graph and then on process, you’ll see what’s consuming your cpu resources.

(Se quiser podemos falar em português também)

Bom dia Tijuco,
eu fiz o update ontem e ficou como mostrei, mas agora já está melhor, a ram está em cerca de 60%, contudo continua a fazer muito mais barulho que anteriormente.

mine is the same RAM around 60% and i dont use it , that wasnt before the update

It seems that the processes are now more difficult.