EX2100 - Z-Way USB Stick on 2.10.310


Hi community,

im not able to get the usb stick running.
Has anyone succesfully startet the z-way app with the usb stick?

I have a call ongoing but no answer.


Have you registered your licence key which is attached in the box of the stick? The licence field is within the “Management” section of Z-Way, under the small gear-wheel on the right side.


I can not register the licence because the stick is not beeing seen by the OS.
xhci-hcd error in the USB3.0 driver in the OS. Seems that WD is working on that but i have no information from WD.


Have you done a firmware update to your stick? For this, you need to use the Expert UI -> Network -> Controller info -> Firmware Update. The stick has to have the actual firmware 5.4 onboard, teh update for the bootloader is not neccessary.


I updated the stick to 5.4 through a Windows Laptop because the ex2100 does not recognize the stick due to xhci-hcd error. But no changes after the firmware upgrade.
Waiting for a new firmware without the xhci-hcd error.

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OK, here is the “problem” located. The Z-Wave-Stick for My Cloud is not the same as the Z-Wave Stick for Windows. You cannot use this stick on a My Cloud device. Please contact Z-Wave direct to clarify this. In case you need a contact at Z-Wave, please come back to me so I can foward you to the right person.


I bought the Z-Wave stick for WD and updated it through windows. Because the Ex2100 does not recognize the stick as a usb device.
By enabling SSH an looking in the logs the ex2100 shows a xhci-hcd error. That error was with firmware 5.1 and also with 5.4.
The stick is designed for WD also the licence is designed for WD. I only could update the Firmware of the stick through Windows.

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Let me check with Z-Wave what happened here. You should not be able to update the stick within Windows. Maybe the stick is not the correct one. I’ll report soon.


Z-Wave replied with this:

please download and extract the new binary for the Z-Wave environment for your EX2100:

Z-Wave App for My Cloud EX2100

best tool to extract is 7-Zip. This package is shipped as TGZ. After first extract, you will find a TAR inside that need the be extracted again. Then you see both BIN files. Please rename the ending to pure .BIN and install the normal BIN (not the -UPD.BIN) via manual installation mode in the App Center of your EX2100.

Rebbit your EX2100 once, then open the Z-Wave enviroment. Now you could update the stick in Expert UI and you will find the licence key management in the management section of the Smart Home UI.

Regarding the Stick itself: Z-Wave confirmed that an update on a Windows PC is possible but in Windows, no client devices can be included. Therefore: your update procedure using Windows is OK.


Hi OK i will check this with my ex2100 this evening and report back.


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Hi Joerg,

with this Version and after two times rebooting it works now.
Thanks for clarifing with zwave.



Am 05.01.2016 um 08:39 schrieb Joerg Andreas Sen. Manager Technical
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I have a similar problem with zway on the WD EX2. I bought the WD stick and it was not recognized. Additionally I got the message from the ex2 to update the zway app which I had installed. But there was no update somI removed the zway app and now even after rebooting and resetting the zway app is not available in the app store. How can I get it back or download it somewhere else to install it manually?

Can you help?

Best regards



I have been trying for several months to get the Z-way stick to work on the WD EX4. The support from Z-wave has never stated anything about the requirement for a different stick for the WD EX4.

Who do I contact to get the correct stick.

Thanks for your help.



Hi @ak_al

unfortunately EX4 is not supported anymore due to its Kirkwood CPU. The Z-Wave App Version 2.20 is not available for EX4.

The Z-Wave stick is called “Z-Wave USB-Stick for My Cloud”.

best regards



Thanks for the quick response. Will the Z-Way Z-wave work on the WD EX2 My Cloud or is there a newer version of the My Cloud hardware that I should order.
I would like to insure I have longest tech life span. I am currently using the EX4 as a raid backup and had extra capacity so was going to load the security system on it.

What is the best WD hardware choice to use as foundation of a Z-Way Z-Wave system?

There are a lot of statements that the EX4 would work on their web sites.




No, EX4 is not listed (anymore)

The Z-Wave smart home usb stick is compatible to the following My Cloud™ models:
My Cloud™ Expert Series:
EX2, EX2100, EX4100
My Cloud™ Business Series:
DL2100, DL4100
My Cloud™ Mirror


Thanks for the update. New hardware on order.


Be aware that there are still a few bugs even with the ex2100 and z-wave and z-way


You are right i am from Europe (germany). I really like the idea having a NAS with Z-Wave features but it is really not funny with all the little bugs inside. At the moment there is a problem when restarting the NAS all the devices get lost and you must include them again.


Not fun at all I am sure. Some really upset customers I am sure. Not restarting the NAS is not a valid solution.

Lock those geeks in the back room, throw them some coffee and donuts from time to time and don’t let them out until it is fixed.
Any other things I should look out for, or a web site to go to so that I can be aware of issues?