EX2100 Z-Way 2.2.1

Hi WD support,
the razberry with z-wave has now the version 2.2.1 launched on 18.2.2016. Will the new version soon be available for the EX series?

Hach, Lutz! You’re too impatient.

You’ve got PM :slightly_smiling:

Will be available hopefully this evening or during the weekend, we are right now uploading the packages for Z-Wave Z-Way.me v2.2.1

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Hi !

When will you provide the newest Z-Way version? I believe 2.3 is out and I need some bug fixes / new functionalities it provides. Thanks!

Hi Matroid,

i changed my Z-Way Controller over to a ZIPABOX which is more powerful. The implementation on the WD is nice but not as actual as it can be. Hopefully Joerg_A can help you with that question.