EX2100: Web File Viewer No Longer Allows Uploads

I have been trying to move some old files from my computer to the EX2100 but nothing seems to work. I have tried using File Explorer to just drag and drop from my laptop (Windows 10) to the share on the EX2100, but that stalls out after a few files. So, I tried using the Web File Viewer under the Dashboard Apps section, but when you click the “Browse” button, nothing happens. I am running OS 2.30.196. The Dashboard takes a long time to load too…more than the normal slowness, even after rebooting.

Any ideas on why I can’t seem to upload files to the EXs2100?

You can also go to MyCloud.com to upload data files on My Cloud device. Just need to login on mycloud.com then will be able to upload any data files on MY Cloud device.