EX2100 Maximum Red Drive Capacity?

I have an EX2100 with two 6tb Red drives. I would LOVE to replace those with two new 12tb Red Drives. The compatibility on this site lists the EX2100 as capable of taking up to 8tb Red Drives but I am wondering if they have stopped updating this list since the EX2100 was discontinued before the new 12tb drives came out. Anyone have any input on if the 12tb Red Drives will work in this unit? I don’t see why not… the new larger 12tb Red drives run the NASware 3.0 software just like my older smaller 6tb Red drives do. Help!

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Same question here. I would appreciate if someone from WD could answer this.
The listed 8TB hdd WD80EFZX-68UW8N0 is not available anymore.

Or, perhaps someone has succesfully build 12TB reds into their EX2100?