EX2100 has several problems with OS5

I’m about ready to junk my EX2100 if I don’t see any solutions soon. #1 Since I have an EX2100, what do they mean by “Limited Release”? #2 Since the last update to OS5 (5.15.106) I can not write files to certain folders with either my Windows PC or my Linux PC. Also if I look at the properties of these folders they show an owner & group of 95, where did that come from? Ones I can write to are showing an owner & group of 500. #3 I have web cameras ftp’ing jpg & mp4 files to the NAS. The Windows PC can read & play those files, but the Linux PC will only show jpg’s but not play the mp4’s. Just so happens those files are also under owner & group 95…

Limited Release was prior to Oct 2020 production release.
Please capture screenshots of the issue, collect the system logs and contact customer support.

I kind of resolved one problem. It appears I may have created the failing folders right after going to OS5. Since the last update they’re now un-writeable. I created a new folder and it is writeable. I can’t remove the old folders. Seems to be a permission problem. The problem appears to be with the owner & group numbers assigned. Anything with owners numbers like 500 and groups 1000 appear to work OK. Files with numbers like 95 don’t work. Where are these group numbers coming from?
First example is a working file second is a failing file.

Thought I had a support account but couldn’t get in. Couldn’t create a new account because they require a mobile phone number.

You may check the below KBA