EX2100 and WD Photo problem (?)

I recently purchased a EX2100 NAS to replace my MyBook Live. Now when photos are auto uploaded from my Android phone they no longer go into the Public/Shared Pictures/username*/date folder, but all simple go to Public/username . Why did it stop going into the Shared Pictures folder ? Also, Videos used to automatically upload into the Shared Video directory, now going into the Share/username folder the same as the pictures. This makes no sense to me why it works fine (and as intended) on the MyBook Live, but not on my new EX2100. Any ideas ?

No changes to the phone settings since switching from MyBook Live to EX2100. If I switch back to the MyBook Live, everything goes to the proper directory again.

It would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

So this is not the normal behavior of the EX2100 ? Just want to make sure before I spend too much time on hold waiting to talk to someone at WD.

I also noticed that when I go to the WD Photo app on my android phone when I access the MyBook Live it opens directly to Public/Shared Pictures. When I access the EZ2100 it goes to the Public folder, so that all of the album art and book art also show up. I tried deleting the app from the phone and reinstalling it. And I tried rebuilding the database on the EZ2100. SAme results each time.

I tried to contact WD but was on hold forever. Now started a support case, but have not heard anything from WD for days.

If this is how this drive is supposed to behave I will return and continue to use my MyBook Live for now. Does anyone else use WD Photos to upload/view photos taken with their phone ?