Ex2100 40s reset help

I guess I had posted this in the wrong section…

I bought a used device and can’t get it to work. It is using DHCP and I can see it on the routers active client table. I can not ping it nor does the web admin page come up. I have done the 4s reset and the device reboots as expected. I tried the 40s reset, remove power, press and hold button while reconnecting power. The device does not reboot after releasing the button. Any suggestions on what to try?

update. I downloaded the windows utility. I can see the drive and its shares. The IP address is not the same as what I see from my router. If I try to open any folder I am prompted for a user/pw. I would really like to do a factory reset on the device. Is there some way to do this without access to the dashboard?

Hi, I would try to check is SSH is enable and maybe find a way to reset it from there, If not you can contact WD Support and see if they have any other ideas.