EX2 Won’t Power Up

My power supply tests fine, but the NAS won’t power up. Dim blinking green light is on. Won’t mount the drive. Is there any simple solution anybody has found?
I really don’t like what I’ve seen so far in this forum as workarounds to pull the drives out and use some method I don’t understand to decrypt. Is hiring a pro the only other option?

Thank you. I’m sure you’re right (hope so). Do you know where I can get the exact right replacement. 12v, 3a. I don’t wanna’ mess this up!

yes get the correct one

The 4 bay NAS seem to be 19 volt and others 12 volts.

the good news is the 19 volt power supply at the same amps or more are common laptop power supplies. (before USB-C )

there was a older thread about the type of DC plug at the end of the power cable and it is always good to double check with a volt meter if the tip positive and the outer ring is negative.

it is ok to have the wattage more.

My computer store ( micro center) checked the plug for me using the original WD power supply.

AS I wanted two power supplies on one NAS - and the original was still working I could not just do a splice of the old power plug to the new power supply.

cost $15 to $40