EX2 Will Not Work As Network Drive With Asus Router

Hi Everyone,

I would have tried Support with this first, but their ticket system keeps telling me I have the wrong serial number. I’m having two issues:

  1. I got a new router, an Asus RT-AC3200 to replace my older D-Link DIR-655. I did a reset on the EX2 and could briefly get into the dashboard and change the IP to static. Browsing through folders gets slow after that and then I can’t get into any folders. Connecting directly to my computer works fine and this only happens when I have it as a network drive

  2. This issue happened on the D-Link too. Transferring certain files results in slow transfer speeds and occasional timeouts. Hitting “Try Again” works sometimes, but results in file corruption for others.


Check the firewall settings on the new router. See if you need to allow permissions to the device.

All I have under firewall settings is:

Note: I’m using Merlin firmware 380.61 for the router, but this same issue was happening on Asus stock firmware, too.

Here’s an example of the other problem. This was when I connected the EX2 directly to my computer’s network adapter.

a) The transfer drops to zero from between 30 and 40 MB/s

b) Then this error

Got the thing to finally work as a network drive again. I had already enabled Jumbo frames on both router and EX2, but it only started working when I set Jumbo Frames to 9000.

No answer for Error 0x8007003B yet, though.