EX2 vs DL2100 User Limits

New to the products and forum and looking for some purchasing advice.

My company is looking to purchase a small NAS device for Managers to store documents and users to back up small amounts of data (pst files, a few crucial docs. etc). We have about 10 users who would be using the NAS on a regular basis, and about 40 who would only be doing staggered backups at night.

Looking around, I have seen mention of user limits in the devices. Is the EX2 really limited to 10 users? Is that total number in the list, or 10 concurrent logins? I saw 512 somewhere as max users for the DL2100, wondering the same thing. Total storage capacity is probably not an issue for us, but I want to make sure that we can accommodate all users and at least have some basic level of performance.

Any help is much appreciated!


just a step back, before to reply to your question.
EX2 (in my experience) is only a “Home/Very Small (personal ?) Office” NAS. And this mainly for his HW (small processor, small RAM, very small FAN …).
DL2100 is another kind of NAS, for sure with better hardware and more oriented to a “real” small office.

So, back to your question, it is not a “concurrent logins” issue (honestly I don’t know if anybody here on forum tried 10 concurrent logins on EX2 ), but, in my opinion, if you want to go ahead with WD, you should start with DL2100 (minimum) or DL4100 (better) and RAID 5 config. Just a little more expensive, but better performance and resilience
Stay away from EX2 :wink:

Stay away from WD (lol). Synology