EX2: USB shares need configurable permissions, configurable ftp access AND top folder level mounting

After attaching a WD MyBook drive via USB3 port to the EX2, I realized the whole drive becomes a share and that too a public share, allowing all my users coming in from outside to delete stuff there.

  1. I would like to create shares from specific root directory folders on the USB drive and not the whole USB drive to become a share.

  2. More importantly, I would like to configure permissions on this share from the attached USB drive. I have friends coming in from outside and I would like to be able to configure who has what access on this share. Without at least this level of permissions, this USB facility on the EX2 is really not secure for most users.

  3. Finally, I would like to be able to turn ftp ON or OFF on this USB share - just like the shares on EX2 where I can turn ftp ON/OFF individually on the shares. For example, I chose to turn ftp off for the Public share but kept ftp ON my other EX2 shares, and would like to do the same to the USB attached drive share.

FYI - I am using a Windows formatted USB (My Book) drive for the USB share.


There already is another suggestion from someone on the USB share but for EX4 ( http://community.wd.com/t5/Personal-Cloud-Ideas/USB-share-permissions-bring-back-private-access/idi-p/657773 ) but mine is for EX2 and also has a couple additional feature requests that the other request doesn’t have - like root level folder mounting of USB share and ftp access ON/OFF config to the share.


I agree. The same for My Cloud Mirror.

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OK, I’m sorry. My first time :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile:

Here’s a manual fix to restrict access to the USB shares until WD deems a firmware fix is necessary -> http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud-EX2/Hacks-to-make-Public-share-and-USB-shares-private/td-p/728740

Thanks for the suggestion. We have already added permission settings to this. There is no plan to change the share method by individual folder in a USB drive.