EX2 Ultra unbelievably slow operation and windows explorer crashes

I got an EX2 ultra couple of days ago.

Upload and streaming speeds are fine. Operating it through the mycloud webpage is usually fine. Interacting with it through Windows 10 explorer is agonising.

To give you an example it took 4 minutes for it to delete one empty folder. To get to that stage it caused windows explorer to freeze on two separate computers. Before that it was freezing windows explorer guaranteed for every single attempt.

What is wrong with this thing? Rebooting does nothing to cure it.

Hi crm113,

There would be many reasons which causes the slow operations on Windows such as data protection software, Anti-Virus or firewall which affects the network traffic and accessing of data, deeply nested directory structures or a directory structure containing millions of tiny files. You should refer below article in this concern:

Once you KNOW you are on a fast network, and ANY other brand of NAS performs well, what can then be causing it ? I’m seeing crappy streaming performance too, even in a VERY tight network with just my TV, a switch and the box…