EX2 Ultra streaming help

Hi, I am thinking about purchasing a WD My cloud Expert EX2 Ultra Nas drive. I intend to use this only for streaming my CD collection which i will rip lossless to the hard drives or occasionally films. I intend to stream to a Hi Fi separates music streamer which will be connected to my amplifier for high quality sound. What I need to know is will the EX2 Ultra do this? Also, will it do this out the box or do i need to add separate apps like Plex?

thank you

Yes, you need separate apps or hardware. A NAS is a server, not a media player. Plex installed on the NAS will play media files. I also use hardware and apps for streaming such as a WDTV, an Amazon Fire stick w/app, a Roku and app, and apps for my iOS phone and Pad a Chromecast, and other things. Google to find how and what to stream from a NAS (any brand of NAS).