Ex2 ultra - slow volume 1 to volume 2 transfer?

Hello all, looking for a bit of advice.

ex2 ultra has drive 1 - volume 1 - jbod
Just installed drive 2 - volume 2 - jbod

laptop is mac - monterey

trying to copy 1.1 terabyte folder from drive 1 to drive 2.
Finder copy dialog comes up and says it will take 10 hours to transfer.
That translates to about 30 MB per second.

Considering 2 drives within the same bay, shouldn’t this transfer be blazing fast, not 10 hours?

What am i missing?
Or is this correct and how fast it should be?

Much appreciated for any tips or clues.

Hi @las48,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: