EX2 Ultra not recognizing MY Book 8TB USB drive

I apologize as I did not write down the error code.

I just received and set up my EX2 Ultra and was testing out the ability to attach a USB drive to either transfer data or possibly expand my memory for a while.

I received an error stating something to the extent of the file system is not compatible. I understand that ExFAT is not currently compatible, but I had reformatted the drive as NTFS, which appears to be supported.

In the top of the dashboard it shows No USB Drive attached, and then when I click on that it gives the error of file system compatibility.

Any suggestions? Someone had suggested powering them down and restarting with the EX2 first, then USB drive. Did that, and the reverse and no luck so far.

Thanks for any suggestions!!!


Hi jaycorrell,

You should try to check after updating the firmware version of My Cloud EX2 Ultra device with latest.