EX2 Ultra My Cloud OS 5 and users question

Hello, EX2 Ultra w/ OS 5 owner here…

Maybe this is a silly question but, does users created from within dashboard have access to it?
Or the only user that can log in to dashboard is “admin” account?

I’m asking this because whenever I try to login to the dashboard using a newly created user it just keeps saying " wrong username or password"

I can only log to the dashboard using the admin account, is that the expected behaviour?

Thank in advance

Hi kbzona!

The dashboard must only be used by the admin account. All the users you created can only access their files via os5.mycloud.com.


thanks for the quick answer!


Yes the dashboard is tied to the admin account and whatever password has been set. User accounts created have access to shares governed by the assigned permissions. For example, I set up a separate user account which I use to access network mapped drives on my Windows 10 PC. I have drive P: mapped to the Public share on my My Cloud EX2 Ultra.