EX2 Ultra does not see USB drive


Confused. My EX2 Ultra is not seeing an external drive at all. The drive is a 2TB external hard drive, connected by USB 3. The drive is blank, formatted as exFAT. NAS firmware is current. Any help? Thanks a lot.



There are some reasons (such as supported file system, USB cable) due to which My Cloud does not recognize an attached USB device. You should refer below mentioned KBA for this concern.


Thank you, Brandon. I saw your post after I’d gotten it to work. I do appreciate the support, but I think asking users to wait three days for a response to tech support questions is longer than is realistic. If this isn’t the most effective way to get quick answers, I’d be grateful to be redirected.

I have a new problem for which I searched and did not find answers; I’ll create a new post. Thanks again for your help.