Ex2 Ultra - Anonymous access issue on a nfs Share


I was testing the NFS shares on MY CLOUD EX2 ULTRA (firmware: 5.09.115) but i noticed a strange behevior, so may someone help on this issue…

Basically, I disabled the “Public” nfs share and created a new one, i set what i needed through the web interface accourding to the documentation.

After several tests, i noticed that even if I set a required authentication to the nfs share, I can still access it anonymously, i didn’t find a way how to disable this anonymous access.

I don’t know what version of NFS it’s using, i assume the version 4.

Interface NFS Config:

I was able to connect anonymously, on my win10:

Did someone faced this issue?

Thanks guys!!

Hi @Nas666,

Please refer to the article of How To Configure NFS Service on My Cloud:

Hi @ Keerti_01,

Thanks, i used that FAQ to configure my NFS.

This FAQ doesn’t not answer to my question. The section “user access” in the NFS config page is there for what?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @Nas666,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:


Thanks, i’ll open a request.