EX2 Ultra and IcyBox RAID enclosure - will it work?


Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Recently I bought an USB RAID enclosure IB-RD3640SU3.
I put 4x hdd 2TB inside, set system to RAID 5 and made a GPT partition - nearly 6 TB.

Finally I have connected this device via USB to my old, good WD Mycloud wdbctl0080hwt-eesn.
And… nothing.
“'Flie system not recognized” and that’s all.
Single USB 2tb disk works fine.

I think that the problem is type of partition - GPT.

I got an idea to replace my WDCloud with used WD Cloud EX2 Ultra.

Will this enclosure work with ex2?

Does ex2 handle GPT partitions via usb?