Ex2 ultra and backup options in os 5

i have an ex2 ultra and upgraded to cloud os 5.

did not think about a functionality i use, backups … it is now an app i must install.

my issues:
i have an attached usb drive that contains a complete nas backup (including private shares) … which i was using with the latest version of cloud os 3.

now the backup options i see do not include backing up my private shares. Public, Smartware and Time Machine are the only shares i can choose from.

its going to be a headache knowing i cannot ‘reconnect’ the latest backup on the usb drive and make a new job that picks up where it left off. its also going to be very time consuming to redo an entirely new job for 4 TB of data.

any suggestions for backing up all my private and public shares to the usb attached drive in a simple way as used to be with cloud os 3 ?

@cs7404 Please create a support case and provide your My Cloud System Logs.
PUT: OS 5 USB BACKUPS as the subject of your support case.

so i take it that WD messed up with Cloud OS 5 features ?

Please check your Private Shares and make sure that ‘admin’ has READ/WRITE access and not Deny.
If the share is set to DENY for ‘admin’ user, the Private Shares will not show up in the Source List.

that solved one issue. thank you.

that leads to the question: why was I able to backup the private shares in OS 3, where admin access was set to DENY for my private shares … ? just to recap, share access privileges, shares and users all remained the same as I had them in OS 3 after upgrading to OS 5.

there is no way whatsoever to preserve my existing backup structure on the USB drive in OS 5 ? will setting up and running a new NAS --> USB backup job wipe out the contents on the backup drive and start over again ?

i realize 4TB of data is not a lot compared to others here, it will still take the entirety of 1-2 full days to do and will slow the NAS down to molasses …