EX2 Time Machine back up error message - fixed

Hi guys,

We’ve all experienced problems with the Time Machine back up. Here’s what’s worked for me (in layman’s terms; I’m no expert).

First off, you can delete the TimeMachine folder your EX2 came with. Then, rename your computer so there are no apostrophes anywhere (you can use dashes).

Next, mount your WD EX2 drive onto your computer (I’m using a MBP running 10.9.5) - go to Finder and click on the relevant shared drive (not the TimeMachine option, which will probably still be visible). You’ll see two options (Public and MyCloudEX2). Mount the latter.

Now tell Time Machine to select this as your backup destination. It’ll create a file (eg Computer Name.sparsebundle) and it should back up here.

Time Machine will need the drive to be visible if it’s going to back up in the future so don’t eject the drive if that’s what you want it to do.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you very much for sharing. Hopefully this information will be able to assist other members of the WD Community.