EX2 Storage Issues

Hi there everyone,

I’m running an EX2 with two red 6tb drives in a Raid-1 configuration. Firmware is 2.10.310.

I predominantly use this drive as a NAS for streaming movies to my tablet and smart tv without any problems, however I’ve noticed something strange when I log into the drive’s main interface on my web browser.

I have 1688 videos on the drive when I check under Settings, media. Now on the main page, the diagram displaying your total device storage shows the following:

Movies - 1.84tb
Photos- 0tb
Music - 0tb
Other - 388.08tb
Free - 3.72tb

I don’t understand where the 388.08tb comes from as everything on there are movies. It’s strange how it says 1.84tb for movies and other 388.08.

I’ve did a dlna rebuild, but to no avail. Even a lot of thumbnails on each movie are also missing.

Can anyone offer advice? Thank you.

Hello there,

this is strange, try to restart the drive to se if the information is corrected.

Thank you, that appears to have done the trick.

This is how it looks now:

Movies - 2.2tb
Photos - 0tb
Music - 0tb
Other - 25.2gb
Free - 3.72tb