EX2 - Recongizes 8TB USB but does not automatically create a share?

CONFIG: I have a new 8TB Western_Digital easystore_25FB connected via USB port #1 into the back of an EX2 (Firmware Version : 2.11.164 as of 9/1/17, not Ultra). The EX2 has two WD Red 4TB spanned drives (i.e acting as a single 8TB drive).

PROBLEM: EX2 recognizes the USB but does not create a share so I cannot map to it in Win10 or use it with Time Machine.

EFFORTS TO DIAGNOSE: I had this same 8TB drive working as a USB connected to an older 4TB My Cloud Live (Firmware Version 04.05.00-315). I created the share and used it fine with that so I know the USB drive is good. I rebooted the EX2 at least once since adding the USB. I am going to add a second USB drive to port #2 (A 1TB My Book) and see if EX2 will automatically create a share for that or allow me to do it somehow. If I get different results then it may be a bad port on the EX2 or EX2 doesn’t like something about the 8TB drive.

GOAL: Attached the 8TB drive directly to the EX2 and perform backups using TimeMachine (or if that doesn’t work right FreeFileSync).

No you can backup to 8tb usb drive. even if it is possible the usb 3.0 port on the back is very slow and lan to usb 3.0 wont give you good speed . Instead you create a share and back from internally.

Thanks. After repeated reboots, the EX2 recognized the external 8TB and automated backups are working using FreeFileSync. (TimeMachine seemed to clunky.)